Salty cracked red pepper dots my lips, they sting and throb from the pulsating heat of the habanero salsa. I take a chip and go back for more, diving the chip into the lime green spread. I can see the seeds from the habanero sprinkled throughout the salsa, boasting their firey deadliness.

I smell the peppery hotness, mixed with the tanginess of the lime, and my mouth craves more. I take another bite, the heat sends a shiver through my body. I can't take it, but I want more. Breeze under the palm trees wafts over me, cooling me as the habanero melts mischievously on my taste buds. I feel the hard edge of a seed on my tongue and take it between my teeth, sucking every last hint of fire out of that bite.

A dizziness sets in me for a moment as I relax from the spiciness of the last bite, then overcome with energy anew as I hear the song of the breeze rustling the leaves of the palm.

I dive in again to the sea of tart, smokey and green, ready for another bite.