The brisk fall mint chill hovered through the air. I waited patiently on the side of the street, heart vibrating, waiting for him to pick me up. The motorcycle shined like new - I could smell the freshness of paint as it masterfully blended with the fall crisp in the air.

The hard cold metal felt kind and warm against my body. As I sat down behind him I held on tightly, full of promise at where the shiny black motorcycle would take us tonight.

As we zipped down the lantern studded streets, the world swirled around me, colorful shapes and splashes of momentum. My vision blurred around me, and a twinge shot up my spine. As I help on tightly to his waist, grabbing at the fibers of his tufted wool exterior, I knew I'd never forget this moment.

The motorcycle danced up and down the streets of twilight Boston, humming along its soft lullaby. As we tore through the icy October night, wind hugging my eyes, I held on tighter, taking in the smell of the night sky, the motorcycle, and him making an indelible memory.