I think this cold has been wearing us all down. As a resolution to pump us up, myself and two wonderfully talented musician friends, Kim Mayo and Ashni Dave, have decided to embark on a three week journey of daily object writing exercises.

Object writing is a tool used by lyricists and writers, as a way to deep dive into writing. It works upon engaging all of your senses – writing from the perspective of touch, taste, smell, sight, sound, plus two other sense: organic sense which is your awareness of inner bodily functions – pulse, heartbeat, muscle tension, etc. And Kinesthetic sense – roughly your sense of relation to the world around you like when you’re on a train and get seasick, the world around you blurs.

Each day for the next three weeks we'll choose a different object every morning, and writing upon that. Please join us and submit your exercises to us! We want this to be a community experience! I'll be posting our first three object adventures. Yarn, Shoe, and Licorice